About Lisa

 Lisa w-Paul Ryan

Lisa Baniewicz is an incredible woman with a great sense of humor and keen insight into everyday life. God has given her an ability to see life’s everyday encounters in a funny, yet teachable way. She has a way of making daily situations come alive in her writing.

Lisa was born and raised in a Chicago suburb, moved to Arizona when she was 11, and after getting married and having four kids, moved to a small town in Northeastern Kansas with her husband. Now that they have added child number five, the adventures continue daily. In the midst of managing the household and running the kids’ taxi service, she has now found time to write a column for the local paper (which she won an award for in 2009).¬† Thanks to the advances of technology, you can now read those articles and more right here, no matter where you are.

Yes, Lisa is a fantastic mother of five and an amazing wife. Most of us can’t believe what she accomplishes on a daily basis. She swears it’s because of coffee and working out. I think she’s just getting more grace than a lot of us. Of course, she wouldn’t write any of this stuff about herself. So leave it to me, her husband, to let you know what she is really like. Incredible. Funny. Intelligent. Insightful. Loving. Holy. Amazing.

Yep, I think that says enough. Read on…


One thought on “About Lisa

    Michele Day said:
    January 26, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Lisa, you truley are a great mother and sister. I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished and miss you every day. thanks for the great articals and for the wonderful nieces and nephew you have giving me. I love you

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