Month: December 2017

Memories of My Grandma

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Memories of my Grandma Marcella Behrman:

I remember…

She loved the Peanuts comic strip.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was a staple in her house.

She was an Erma Bombeck fan. I remember her lending my mother the book, “If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I doing in the Pits?” and not understanding why they thought the title was so funny.

When her and grandpa used to babysit my sister and me. Grandpa popped popcorn on the stove (the good kind with lots of oil), and then we would watch a movie together in the denand eat the whole bowl.

The time she let us stay up late to ring in the New Year even though we were little. Then we took a walk in the neighborhood because it started snowing lightly and was beautiful outside. My grandma and grandpa walked ahead of my sister and me holding hands.

When she let my sister eat vanilla ice cream for breakfast instead of drinking milk. Then telling my mom about it and seeing the shock on her face because she never got to do that when she was a kid.

Me and my sister pushing all the buttons on my grandma’sdishwasher while it was running and confidently assuring our mother it wasn’t us.

When my grandma would flick the porch light on and off when my aunt Mary Beth was kissing her boyfriend good-night after a date.

Whenever my sister or me had a sniffle, she immediately would say, “Don’t sniff. Blow.” Then magically pull a Kleenex out of her shirtsleeve.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas there was a turkey in the roaster oven on the counter.

The coconut lamb cake with jelly bean eyes she made every Easter.

Gathering around the pool table (turned dining table) in the basement to enjoy the holiday feast. Some how we all fit no matter how large the crowd was that year.

The year Max, the Irish Setter, ate my Thanksgiving centerpiece I made for my grandma. It was carefully constructed from a brown paper lunch sack, construction paper, and lots of Elmer’s glue.

Her serving Kraft spaghetti from a box knowing my father’s Italian side of the family had their own family recipe.

She had a lot of friends. People were always coming and going at her house using the back door because all were welcome.

Thinking it sounded strange to hear my grandpa call her Marcy when her name was “grandma.”

Her flying out for my wedding and being at the baptism of all five of my children. She hand carried the Christening gown on the airplane because it was a family heirloom and she didn’t trust the airline not to lose it.

Thank you grandma for all the memories from my childhood. Thank you for teaching me about the importance of family and being together. And, that even when you’re in your late 80s, early 90s, you can still make friends.