Month: July 2016

Loads of Fun

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Just as I was finally going to get new carpet for some of the bedrooms in my house, the washing machine went on the fritz! I’m not a believer that when it rains it pours. I’m just discouraged. I don’t believe things are made as well as they once were. I’m seriously considering getting a washboard and metal tub. Replacing those items down the road would be pennies compared to the prices I’m scouring over the Internet for a new washing machine.

When we moved halfway across the country we contemplated whether or not our washer and dryer were worth salvaging. They had already been repaired a few times and weren’t exactly efficient. We could move them and take up a lot of room in the moving truck and pray we could get a little more use out of them, or we could start new. I opted for new.

Now at year 10 in the Midwest, I have been searching Google for hours trying to find the best washing machine for the money. The fact that my dryer is the same age makes me a little nervous. It’s been working overtime due to the washing machine problems.

In the last nine minutes of the spin cycle, my washing machine thinks every load is uneven, or at least that’s the code that flashes on the control panel. All I know is that it refuses to spin the water out of the clothes. My son just helped me wring out towels so I could at least attempt to get them dry in a reasonable amount of time. I have completely expanded what I once considered a reasonable amount of time from 45 minutes to somewhere in the arena of three hours. I really don’t want to see my next electric bill. I’ll let my husband open that one.

As I search the Internet I’m now seeing I’m not the only one who has problems with my current model. On the bright side, I’ve had very few compared to the unfortunate buyers I’ve read about. Nonetheless, I’m a little overwhelmed about the amount of information. Most are rated on an average of seven loads per week. We are well above average in that category! Between school uniforms, sports uniforms, and a general desire to wear clean clothes, my family washer usage is more like 10 to 12 loads per week.

When my husband looked into the price of paying someone to fix the washer, we quickly found out it was a better choice to buy a new one. In the meantime, I’m hopelessly searching for something within my budget. (Did I mention I hate budgets and a new washing machine is not even in the budget?)

I could always just purchase a clothesline. When I asked my mom for her advice she said, “Well, you do have a lot of birds. Your grandmother said every time she hung sheets on the line birds would s#!t on them!” Fabulous! One look at my deck and I can only imagine the amount of bird poop that would be on my clean sheets and clothes. So, it’s back to my Internet search for the right machine. In the meantime I’m having loads of fun wringing out wet clothes before throwing them in the dryer.

(First published in the Atchison Globe 6/18/16)