Month: February 2016

Geography Bee

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The day I found out my fourth grader was asked to help represent her class in the school Geography Bee I got so excited, but a little nervous. She would be competing against fourth through eighth graders. I knew she was not asked to participate because of a talent she inherited from me. I hesitated to tell her I was the last person that should help her study.

She was given websites that offered geography quizzes and suggested topics to research…like specific islands, bodies of water, and where places were located in relation to Kansas.

Having driven on 100 percent of all of our family vacations, I thought any question in proximity to Kansas would be a no brainer. When quizzing which state is directly above Kansas, she was stumped. This was not a good sign. We had literally just been in that state two weeks prior. I immediately started praying she inherited her father’s geography skills over mine, or she would not get past round one.

The night before the big event my son got home early from basketball practice and found us hovered over the iPad. This drew his interest and he started firing off questions for his little sister. I was quite impressed what he was learning in school. Teenage boy that he is, when he started teaching her all the places around the globe with names relating to body parts (that he and his friends found hilarious), I told him he was done helping. I didn’t think my daughter would be asked where Lake Titicaca was located. He was officially fired.

My daughter continued to study diligently and shared that she even studied with her friends over recess. Still in earshot, her big brother immediately jumped all over that news. “Why would you do that!” he said. “Enjoy recess while you can. It goes by so fast.” (This from the high school junior who is greatly suffering from senioritis already.)

My response was, “Hey, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She’ll be hitting the books for years. Don’t discourage her now. Someone needs to support me when I grow old.”

The morning of the Geography Bee she got up and had a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms. I was hoping they’d “magically” inspire the correct answers later that day.

I was hoping to at least catch the end of the contest and left work as quickly as I could that afternoon. Unfortunately it was already over. The school secretary told me that it went rather quickly. I didn’t take this as a sign our school was filled with future environmental consultants, land surveyors, or cartographers. (In case you’re anything like me, those are the people that help in the scientific development of producing maps. Never my calling in life.)

When I saw my daughter I asked, “So, how’d it go?” She answered with a huge smile on her face, “Well, I got three answers right and three answers wrong.” She then added, “Oh well, I was the youngest.” She seemed quite pleased with herself.

I didn’t have to tell her that if it were baseball, getting a hit one out of two is really good. That it’s so good in fact that if a player is batting .500 they’re most likely the best batter on the team, not to mention the entire league. She didn’t need a “better luck next time.” She was happy. Therefore, so was I. After all that studying she knew more coming out of the Geography Bee then going in. And, she certainly knew a lot more than her mom. So I just hugged her and let her be…or maybe I should say “bee.”


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