Month: January 2016

Teeth Aplenty

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Everyone around me seems to be losing his or her teeth. From an older friend, to my teenage daughter, on down to my 10-year-old, teeth are coming out left and right.

It started while eating lunch with an older friend recently. He stopped chewing to take something out of his mouth. He then proceeded to tell me anytime he feels something crunchy in his mouth he has to make sure it’s not one of his teeth. He laughed and said he never flossed while growing up and now his teeth keep falling out. I think my eyes just got big and round upon hearing this news. I don’t know why he thought it was funny. I consider teeth pretty essential for a lot of things, mainly eating.

Fortunately, my 19-year-old daughter isn’t randomly losing her teeth. She just had a wisdom tooth extracted. I kept trying to assure her that all would probably go well. (Emphasis on probably. There are no guarantees with this unpleasant procedure.) She was lucky enough to only have one wisdom tooth so I told her to consider this a huge bonus. I tried to spare her the stories of my four impacted wisdom teeth, dry sockets, and weird reaction to some of the medication that was prescribed. There was no need to send her into a state of panic. We’d cross that bridge only if necessary.

We opted to celebrate the night before with a sort of “last supper” in mind. While feasting on yummy burgers and chocolate shakes with some of her sisters at Five Guys, we laughed and talked about funny anesthesia stories. Then, out of nowhere, my 10-year-old shrieked, “I just lost my tooth!” She was part shocked and excited. Personally, I thought she was joking until she then held up a tiny, bloody tooth. (So much for ketchup on our French fries.)

Sitting across from her was her 7-year-old sister, who literally had just thrown up at school when a classmate lost her tooth at lunch. When her classmate lost her tooth she spit it out along with her mouth full of food. The site of this caused my daughter to toss her cookies. Hoping to avoid a repeat performance, I kept my eyes on the queasy one as I led my other daughter to the bathroom with a blood soaked napkin.

When we got home, my daughter not only put her tooth under her pillow that night but also a note. She asked for a Barbie and some other toy. (Did we not just celebrate Christmas?) The note went on to say if that was “too much trouble” the Tooth fairy could leave $2, one for her and one for her little sister. I found that to be very sweet.

The next morning, I found out it was a total scam! My two little darlings made a pact to ask for an extra $1 every time either one of them lost a tooth. (Why didn’t my sister and I think of this when we were little?)

Hopefully, everyone’s teeth will stay in tact for a while and our mealtime will be a little less gory. I could use a little normal in my life.


Compliments of the Atchison Globe