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Baby Names

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Published Aug. 2015 Atchison Globe

Whenever a celebrity has a baby it seems fans hold their breath while waiting for the big reveal of the baby’s name. When the name becomes public, it’s as if the parents thought “the more outrageous, the better.” Like when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby North, as in North West, it obviously caused a stir. However, according to an article in USA Today, Kim and Kanye have nothing on names registered with the social security list in 2014.

According to, the registered list of baby names in 2014 is rather interesting to say the least. It seems parents naming their baby Sarah, Matthew, or Michael is just too normal for these Americans. For whatever reason, it sounds like the first name, or I should say, the first adjective, that popped into these parents’ head stuck.

In 2014, there are babies registered with the names: Awesome, Savvy, Majestic, Wise, and Handsome. But, wait, that’s not all. It gets better. There were boys named Harsh, Ruckus, Mayhem, Furious, and Rage. (These names certainly paint a vivid picture.) For some reason, it seems 28 parents just couldn’t come up with a name at all and decided their little bundle of joy should be named Alias. It literally means “assumed name.” Is that really the best these parents could come up with? Did they think, “We’ll just get back to that one, let’s paint the nursery instead?”

When my husband and I named each of our five children, we took it very seriously and put a lot of time and thought into it. To begin with, we had the major challenge of finding names that somehow went with our very Polish last name, Baniewicz. That meant no complicated first names or anything spelled weird. We knew our kids would be spelling their last name for the rest of their lives (or for our girls until they get married). There was no need to give our children difficult first names too. When I have to spell my last name to strangers, they always seem relieved when I tell them my first name is Lisa. I even add, “with the normal spelling,” because some people spell it L-e-e-s-a.

I was also adamant about the meaning of our children’s names. After all, they’d be called by these names for the rest of their lives; I thought it important that we not choose names that didn’t mean something positive or good. And, I didn’t want anyone to have to go to therapy over this.

Our children have never complained about their names. My husband and I certainly love them and they will never see their names on a list of outrageous baby names. As for Kim and Kanye, who are expecting baby number two, it will be hard to top the names mentioned above. I say stick with your theme and go with the fan that suggested the name, Directionless.