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Travel Woes

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My husband’s job sometimes requires international travel. Therefore, he has a passport and a Visa. I’m not referring to a credit card. I’m talking about the “let me enter your country and I promise to leave” Visa. With his latest trip he ran into a few bumps. Because I am his loving wife, I was dragged into all of them.

First bump, my husband packs for every trip at the last possible minute. He does not see this as a problem. I do. Normally he doesn’t ask me to drive him to the airport, but this time he did. That meant both of us waking up at 4:30AM! I was trying to sleep and he was asking my opinion on shoes. Could he where brown shoes with a black suit. Seriously? No. I cannot relate to his aversion to packing more than two pairs of shoes. I once took an entire suitcase full. Against his will, he packed three.

Second bump, the man who nods off two minutes after his head hits the pillow (not exaggerating), could not sleep. He had two cups of coffee after 8-o’clock at night. Who does that? He woke me up to tell me he couldn’t sleep. (So thoughtful.) I fell back asleep. He woke me again to ask who opened our bedroom door. My first thought was a robber or one of our children. Then I remembered our dog can open doors. As weird as that may sound, it’s true. And, my dog is only 12 inches tall on a good day. It was the dog. Unfortunately, my husband decided 2AM was a great time to play with him. I fell asleep again. My husband got up to use the restroom. (Definitely the coffee.) There is nothing quiet about him getting up…ever! I began to question why I even went to bed.

Finally, two alarms go off and we head to the airport with our teenage son in tow. He actually wanted to go. We were shocked. He kept me awake, which I greatly needed, especially when in my zombie state I almost ran a red light. Not good. We dropped my husband off at the curb. Kiss. Kiss. Hug. Hug.

Before returning home, I decided to run to Home Depot. It wasn’t even open yet. I opted to wait a few minutes anyway. While in the store, I get the following text from my husband: “You may need to pick me up. My Visa is expired.” What! I once heard a comedian say he and his girlfriend were traveling abroad and she didn’t bother to bring her passport. She said all she’s ever done is shown her license and a credit card and they let her on the plane. I thought if she could do that, maybe my husband’s passport would be enough. He too could charm the airline staff. After all, he is pretty darn cute.

Cute or not, he was able to board the plane. Turned out no Visa is required if the visit is less than 72 hours (depending where you go). The airline employee counted the hours, changed his departure to the second country he was headed to, and he was good to go.

This is where my bump turns into more of a mountain. I have several concerns about this sequence of events. First, did the airline employee count correctly? Did she sleep better than I did? Did anyone check her math? What happens if his plane on the other side of the world is delayed at departure? Do those extra hours count towards the 72? Will he ever get to leave the country and come home? He’s not concerned. I can only hope all will go well with no more bump, snags, roadblocks, etc. I’ll find out soon enough. He’s about to return.

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Travel Woes

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