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Murphy’s Law

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Murphy’s Law

By Lisa Baniewicz


Why is it when my husband goes out of town Murphy’s Law strikes and everything falls apart?  Life can be flowing along beautifully and then boom, the storm hits, leaving several casualties behind.  This always includes one very, stressed out, sleep-deprived mom.  It’s not the most pleasant version of me to come home to.

When my five-year-old got the stomach flu a few days before my husband’s last trip, I thought maybe this flu would whip through our family fast.  It quickly hit several of us, including my eight-year-old.  I got a phone call from the school letting me know she was sick.  She threw up all over her friend’s desk while passing out papers in class.  Gross!  I felt so bad for that friend.  And, thankfully the principal thought to send my daughter home with a plastic bag because we didn’t make it home before a repeat performance.

My husband caught the bug shortly after me, and just hours before his ten- hour drive East.  I took it as a sign he should fly instead, giving him more time at home to recover.  He opted to drive as planned, calling halfway into the trip to ask what he could eat.  I told him nothing if he didn’t want to get sick in his car.  This wasn’t exactly what he wanted to hear.

 Although the flu started out moving quickly through my family, it ended up dragging out for over two weeks.  My five-year-old got sick, recovered, looked and acted perfectly fine and then proceeded to get sick a few days later.  This happened three times. 

My oldest daughter was sick the longest.  What had started out as a cough, mild congestion, and a sore throat, went south from there.  As Murphy would have it, the date of her school musical, in which she had a major role, was quickly approaching.  I envisioned her completely bombing and running off the stage horrified.  I kept this vision to myself.  Her recovery included two doctor’s visits and sixty dollars in co-payments.  It also resulted in one shot for allergies, antibiotics for a double ear infection, and a decongestant.  All I care about is that it healed her in time for opening night. 

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one who required a doctor’s visit.  I booked back-to-back appointments because my five-year-old was on round three of something that lingered.  This resulted in another thirty-dollar co-pay and another child diagnosed with an ear infection.  I practically cried on the med-student’s shoulder as I recapped my last few weeks and the current state of my family’s health.  After I finished, she asked if there was anything else.  I mentioned my husband was out of town for the entire week in the midst of everything.  I knew she would understand because she had a ring on her left hand.  Without skipping a beat, she said, “Of course, he is.”  I’m confident she’ll be a great doctor!

My son was the only one who actually wanted to get sick.  He had a very big project due at school, and wanted more time to complete it.  He kept in close proximity hoping to catch some germs.  Too bad for him, Murphy’s Law worked the opposite.  He stayed healthy, and although this would teach most people not to put off major projects until the last minute, I know this won’t be the case for him.

 After four Baniewicz’s with the stomach flu, two with ear infections, and six with sleep deprivation, I was relieved when my husband finally got home.  As Murphy’s Law would have the last say, we’ve all been healthy ever since.      


Compliments of the Atchison Globe