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‘Twas the Night Before School

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‘Twas the night before school
Lisa Baniewicz
Full House

Twas the night before school started and all through the house,
All the kids were going bonkers. Where was my spouse?
It was “Back to School Night,” football practice, and so much more,
I never even thought we’d get out the door.
Before we loaded up, I started freaking out,
“Do you have all your school supplies?” I couldn’t help but shout.
Pens and erasers, pencil boxes too,
A notebook and scissors, and 30 bottles of glue?
Put them in your backpacks and label each one,
Lord knows we’ll lose something and they cost me a ton.
Hurry. Let’s go meet your teachers. It’s getting really late.
They’ll run out of food and nobody ate.
Well, we’re home at last. That was really fun.
We can check it off our list now that’s it’s done.
Now, time to settle down, and get to bed soon.
There will be no sleeping in tomorrow until noon.
Brush your teeth, say your prayers, and get right to bed,
Listen to your mother, enough said.
Ahh, good morning! You did it! You all woke up on time.
I’ve made breakfast for everyone in record time.
We’re off to a good start, let’s load up the car,
I think we’ll be on time; it’s all good so far.

Don’t look so sad to see summer end,
Think of all that new knowledge you’ll have in your head.
There will be math, science, and government too,
Please work hard and study so you have a clue.
You’re only in first, seventh, and eighth grade,
Think of your older sister, high school is much harder, I’m afraid.
She has chemistry, pre-calculus, and college history this year,
She’ll have much more homework and stress her junior year.
Now, have a great first day at school. I’ll pick you up at noon,
We’ll celebrate and get ice cream, I’m sure you’ll have room.
Now back at home with my four-year-old child,
Even she’ll be starting pre-K in just a short while.
Has it been 16-years already since I’ve been a stay-at-home mom?
I feel myself getting sad, I have to stay calm.
Before I know it, there will be tears in my eyes,
Not just little ones, but the crocodile size.
Wait. Wasn’t it just yesterday they were all driving me crazy?
Watching entirely too much TV and acting kind of lazy.
Why is it I’m forgetting they were fighting and getting mad?
Shouting to each other, “I’m telling dad.”
Wow! I feel better already and quite happy indeed,
I think I’ll crack open a novel and finally read.

Compliments of the Atchison Globe


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“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy, I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Summer Memories

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Summer Memories

By Lisa Baniewicz

This summer is quickly coming to an end. Fortunately I have been blessed with several memories to recall once the colored leaves start to fall. The following were some my favorites:

· My 4-year-old wearing a wetsuit. It’s truly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Who cares that she didn’t even surf.

· My entire family participating in a Fourth of July parade with our friends in California. Although I felt silly, I couldn’t stop laughing at all of us marching around the neighborhood wearing red, white, and blue while carrying flags.

· Attempting to surf once again, this time even more determined to stand up for more than two seconds. When I finally did catch a wave and somehow stay on the board, even the lifeguard was happy for me. When others with more experience would gracefully step off the board onto the sandy beach, I fell on my butt. Who cares? As the younger generation says these days, “YOLO!” You only live once.

· My 12-year-old being stung by a jellyfish. My entire family learned how to treat a sting. A little vinegar and Benadryl do the trick.

· My son hitting his head on the fin of the surfboard on the second day of vacation. After the initial shock of blood, he was fine. No emergency room visits this vacation. Yea me!

· Still disagreeing with my husband over who tore part of the car off while driving. Clearly it was him. He unintentionally changes lanes all the time. I’m sure he hit something that made a plastic piece under my car dangle for 3000 miles.

· My teenager flying home from our vacation early to return to work. She missed us by day two on her own. That news alone made my year!

· Going to a Royals game to celebrate perfect attendance with free tickets. My children asked for everything under the sun as if they hadn’t done anything all summer long. I guess they’re normal after all.

· The GPS leading us to a neighborhood in Oklahoma instead of our hotel. Our son said, “Who are we staying with?” as if we know anyone in that state. I contemplated randomly knocking on someone’s door anyway.

· Holding our friends’ newly adopted baby. There is nothing quite like seeing parents with a baby after waiting so long to adopt.

· Watching my children roast marshmallows while at a bonfire on the beach. I’ve always wanted to do this. It really was just like the movies.

· Trying to steal a glimpse of Sean White while in his parent’s neighborhood. We were hoping the Olympic gold medalist would be paying them a visit. No such luck.

· Our son pointing out every Ford Mustang and Corvette from Kansas to California and back.

· Finding a jellyfish on the beach and wondering if it was the same one that stung our daughter.

· The electricity going out three times in one night during an Arizona monsoon storm. It was one of the only times we had set our alarm to get up early the next day.

· While driving from Kansas to Arizona, my husband saying, “Let’s take a vote. Who wants to drive straight through?” I thought he was crazy and I told him exactly that. Unfortunately, I lost the vote and we kept driving.

· Arriving in Arizona a day early and celebrating my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary with them. Okay. It was worth the long drive after all.

· Constantly waking my husband up when it was my turn to drive and his turn to rest. I was sure I’d miss an exit after the GPS had already led us astray once.

· Seeing friends that have been our friends for years and wondering how life gets so busy that we don’t see them more.

· And lastly, hearing my kids say over and over again that this has been the best summer they’ve ever had.

These are the memories I’ll hold onto.

Compliments of The Atchison Globe