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The Dreaded Flu Bug

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The dreaded flu bug
Lisa Baniewicz
Full House

Thermometers, cool wash rags, and other medical necessities can only mean one thing to a mother — your family has been stricken with the flu. Every mom knows motherhood is messy, especially when the stomach flu rips through your house like a tornado. Sadly, it reached our home recently and the Baniewicz’s were dropping like flies. By grace I was spared so I could take care of everyone else. While playing doctor all week, I was able to observe the differences in my patients.
For starters, my baby, (who’s actually 2) was sick the entire week. After laying low for just a couple of days, she refused to succumb to her illness. Nothing was going to slow her down. She’d dance around the living room one minute and dash down the hall the next. She wasn’t able to give me much (if any) warning before tossing her cookies. This wasn’t fun, and it resulted in loads and loads of extra laundry. One day I changed my clothes five times. Yuck!
My 5-year-old seemed to bounce back the fastest. She was sick for approximately five minutes. It was so quick that I completely missed it. My husband came in our room to tell me she got sick down the hallway. When I offered to clean it up (trying my hardest to hide my reluctance), he said he already did (I secretly cheered inside). When I came out, she really was fine. Weird.
My 12-year-old son briefly mentioned he had a stomach ache the morning of his basketball tournament. His games were at night and by that afternoon, in his words, he felt “just fine.” I let him go. This was a bad decision on my part. The next morning he got sick and was completely stunned by this. I felt guilty for possibly contaminating an entire basketball team.
That same morning my 10-year-old daughter complained of a stomach ache. Despite this, she was determined to play in her basketball tournament. At 6:30 in the morning through tears and sobs, she tried to convince me she could play. The tournament was an hour and a half away and included playing three games. Obviously she was hallucinating and clearly out of her mind. Having learned my lesson, I refused to give in (and contaminate yet another team). I pulled out the “mean mom” card and said “no.” She didn’t speak to me for four hours! By then she felt much worse and realized sometimes mom is right.
My teenager actually complained she didn’t get sick long enough. She only got to miss one day of school. She was not happy about this and would have preferred to have been stricken with the plague. I tried to explain that’s a rough way to get out of school. She still doesn’t agree. Oh, well.
Unfortunately when my husband Phil got sick, we were coming home from a black tie event. It was also unfortunate because I found this very funny. I was more concerned with where to take his brand new tuxedo to get dry-cleaned than how he was feeling. Later that night he told me our son took better care of him than I did (I couldn’t argue with that). Feeling a bit guilty, I apologized. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t accepted it yet. I’m hoping I don’t get sick for a really long time.
Somehow, we all managed to survive the week and we were lucky it hit before spring break. Meanwhile, I’m frantically sanitizing everything in sight and our house is quarantined until I’m done.

Compliments of The Atchison Globe